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Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometer BPA1S

Hi-end maximum bubble pressure tensiometer for precise measurement of surface tension in sub-milliseconds range.
Stand-alone instrument based on modern hardware and software design with hi-performance embedded computer expands the instrument’s usability and measurement performances.
Modern user-friendly interface and connectivity simplifies operation of instrument.

- direct and precise measurement of dead and life time
- surface tensions as function of physical time and adsorption time
- available time interval of 6 orders of magnitude (0.0001 to 100 s)
- precise measurement of scientific dynamic surface tensions
- direct determination of the hydrostatic pressure
- correction of effects from gravitation and viscosity of the liquid
- estimation of liquid’s viscosity
- temperature monitoring and control of the sample
- can be run also without PC

Main features of the software
BPA-2S can operate as stand-alone instrument. It stores data on board for 180 measurements which can be downloaded to a PC. The software allows graphical display of several measurements for comparison. Graphics with various zoom functions supports the visual analysis of the data. Export as text file or directly into MS Excel. Unique instrument for very short adsorption times down to 0.1 milliseconds due to the application of the Fainerman measuring routine. Automatic and manual determination of the critical flow rate. Required small bubble volume and dead time possible due to specially designed capillaries.

Technical Specifications

Range of Surface and Interfacial tension
10 to 150   mN/m
0.005 mN/m
Accuracy of surface tension measurement
better than 0.5 %
Accuracy of density measurement
2 %
Dynamic time range:
Standard capillary 10 ms to 200000 ms
Special capillary 0.1 ms to 100000 ms

Graphic color TFT touch display 7’’ resolution 800 x 480 pixel
Minimum volume test liquid
1 ml
Measurement temperature range
0 – 100°C
Experimental time:
Standard mode (M1) / Fast Mode (M4)  
20-30 min / 4-6 min
Measurement mode
-       Standard
-       Constant time
-       Fast scan
-       Increasing flow
-       Short life time
-       Density estimation
-       Viscosity estimation
Custom mode
Number of measurement point in one measurement:
All scan modes (M1, M3, M4 )                       
Constant mode (M2)          
up to 180
not limited
Operation Modes
Stand-alone (touch display, mouse, keyboard), remote control
Data storing:
built-in SSD 64 GB
USB memory stick
network storage    
1 GB Ethernet
3 x USB 2.0 / 1 x USB3.0
WiFi (option)
DisplayPort (DVI/HDMI) res. up to 1920x1200
Process control option             
Operation Systen
Windows embedded standard WES7
free update over 1 year after purchase, update via Internet
Environment Temperature
10 – 50°C
Size of device (L xW x H)
300x400x350 mm
5 kg
Power requerment:      
Measurement unit 24 VDC
Power supply
external 100 … 240 AC;  to 24 VDC
Max. power consumption                   
15 W
Extra accessories
capillaries of different diameters
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